How Ripple (XRP) is Working on Making Crypto-based Payments a Reality

Ripple XRP has been around since 2012, making up for one of the “oldest” currencies in the market, while taking the spot of the third-largest currency on the official ranking list.
During that time, Ripple has managed to cross the gap between the fiat and crypto values, entering traditional banking and financial systems, which brought it to its current ranking while XRP is counting over 13 billion dollars in revenue.
After partnering up and making deals and agreements with financial giants and services like Western Union, Money Gram, SBI Holdings and Santander bank, as of the most recent case, XRP has now become available as a crypto-charged debit card payment method, while there is even an option of paying your bills with Ripple’s XRP in the Philippines.

Ripple’s XRP Now Available as a Crypto Debit Card Payment

As announced several days ago at the beginning of August, Ripple’s official currency, XRP, has now become available as a crypto-charged debit card payment method thanks to Wirex service.
After having Ripple partnering up with Wirex, a rising number of XRP users has been noted as a consequence of the most recently added XRP-charged crypto debit card.
Across social media, specifically Twitter, there are already users of Wirex XRP debit card, praising the latest XRP addition, now being able to pay with XRP at competitive exchange rates.
Although Ripple is scoring big-time partnerships within the financial and fintech industry, XRP is being brought to the spotlight with a negative connotation for quite some time now, having Ripple facing three different lawsuits on the matter of being accused that XRP is actually a security.
While still waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to decide on the faith of XRP, Ripple is not pressing “pause” on its further progress. With the newly released XRP crypto debit card issued by Wirex as a part of Ripple/Wirex partnership, XRP users can now enjoy simple, secure and prompt micropayments, while taking advantage of free transactions.
At the same time, Ripple is getting closer to mass adoption of its currency with the latest move, deeming the release of the mentioned crypto debit card as a great strategy for this blockchain company.

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