IOTA (MIOTA) Bouncing Back Up with Fujitsu Partnership Announcement

Currently ranked as the 10th-biggest cryptocurrency in accordance with the rising market capitalization of over 2 billion dollars, IOTA (MIOTA) has been going through some hard times during the past two months as the market is stubbornly dictating the bear trends.

However, we can see IOTA rising up against the fiat on the first day of September in the latest attempt of rebounding, going up by over 5%. Moreover, IOTA is seen dominating the market on a weekly basis as well, collecting over 40% of gains in the last 7 days despite the frequent cases of sluggish trends in the crypto market.
IOTA has most recently announced another use case of Tangle technology, a unique “blockless” network first launched by IOTA foundation, sharing that the blockchain startup will be partnering with Fujitsu, the famous Japanese informational technology company.

IOTA Sees another Use Case with Fujitsu as MIOTA is Bouncing Back Up

As IOTA is seen progressing in the market in the latest attempt of rebounding, the foundation shared an important news in the further adoption of IOTA’s “blockless” technology.
IOTA network is best known for its blockless blockchain inspired technology called Tangle, which brought them to some important partnerships from the automotive industry, like the partnership with Volkswagen and BMW.
As IOTA has announced launching a new product called Car Pass for Volkswagen in early 2019, which should represent another successful use case of Tangle, the team behind the tenth-largest crypto has announced signing an agreement with Fujitsu.

Within the Industry 4.0 program, the program manager of Fujitsu Center stated that the company is ready to help IOTA as a new standard for IT services and manufacturing products, making the announcement of adopting IOTA’s Proof of Concept leaving a positive effect on MIOTA in the market.
That is how IOTA improved stats by climbing up by over 30% in the last 14 days and over 40% in the last seven days, notably improving its performance since the announcement about the Fujitsu agreement came out on August 25th.

It can be easily claimed that IOTA foundation earned their spot as the tenth-biggest currency fair and square, given the fact that IOTA technology, as well as their native currency MIOTA, has seen some great use cases alongside with progressing towards mass adoption.

Besides from working closely with Volkswagen on new products, one of which should already be presented at the beginning of 2019, Fujitsu will be using IOTA’s technology through Proof of Concept in order to establish an immutable data storage medium, as well as to leverage quality and efficiency of products and services.
IOTA (MIOTA): Performance
Even though MIOTA has been struggling for more than several weeks while going through a mass downfall that pulled down over 90% of the market, we can now see the currency rising up to the surface e while trading in the green.

On September 1st IOTA is seen rising up by 5%, however, it topped on weekly and bi-weekly charts collecting 44% in the course of the last week and 34% in the last 14 days, currently being traded at the value of 0.73$.
If applicable use cases, prominent partnerships, and unique technology are the core of the driving power of any crypto, IOTA might be heading to the moon in the long run.

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