List of Best Cryptocurrency Miners For Beginners

1. Jsecoin

Jsecoin is the new Kid on the block and is becoming one of my favorite Miners. It has created a user friendly and secure way to mine on your website or from a Desktop. Jsecoin ask users to borrow cpu usage instead of hidden ways to mine. Jsecoin has gained acceptance from many malware protection software companies. It is currently working on getting whitelisted for all of them.

Jsecoin uses a Asic blocker, so that people can’t create mining farms. This makes it easier for the common user to earn a profit. It also uses a bounty program to help with the even distribution of its tokens.

JSECOIN is the future of monetizing websites, with its non-intrusive mining. Jsecoin is also very efficient unlike Bitcoin and others like it. Join the Jsecoin revolution and make some money.

2. Mineiro

Mineiro is one of the best cloud mining platforms! It has a great credibility for paying it’s investors. You do not need any mining equipment to get started. In fact all you will need is $10 to start and it pays 2.6% a day for a year contract. You will have to leave the money in at least a day to pull it out.

Once you earn at least $5 then you will be able to withdraw your interest you have earned. It is hard to find a cloud mining platform that will actually pay. Good thing that I have done the work for you and I can say this platform is one of the best. Try mineiro and step into the cryptocurrency world.

3. Electroneum

Electroneum is a very cool Mobile Miner! They decided to go with mobile miner so that it would bring mass adoption. Electroneum mobile miner is a very easy to use application that is also very energy efficient. Being energy efficient is very important for a mobile device because it can heat up very easily. Electroneum is the most profitable miner for a mobile device out there.

Electroneum can also be mined by a desktop using a cpu or gpu. There are many mining pools that you can join to increase the profitability of your miner. You just have to find a miner for a desktop because they only provide support for there mobile platform. The desktop and mobile mining each have there own amount they have designated to mine.

Electroneum has a great referral program as well. It rewards both sides of the referral. They will give a 1% increase in the lifetime of your mining for putting in a referral code.

Referral Code: E8DC94   Once you download the app go to settings, then referral program. There you will select scan a code or enter a code.


4. Swift Mining

Swift Mining is another new cryptocurrency mining script to monetize a website or you can mine directly from your desktop. The cool advantages of Swift Mining is that is has a variety of cryptocurrencies to mine. It also has a feature to mine whichever cryptocurrency is most profitable.

Swift Mining is easy for the common user, but it also has features that are good for developers. They have a console mining that you can link to the site and have payouts to faucethub. You are also able to mine with a Gpu!! This makes the abilities of Swift Mining much more complex. Whether you are new to mining or you are a master, Swift Mining is the site for you.

5. CryptoTab Miner

CryptoTab is a great browser miner for Chrome or Firefox to mine Bitcoin. CryptoTab uses a pool of users to mine together. The more people you refer the more Bitcoin that you can mine. Percentages are split between as many Miners that participate. The more Miners the higher the hash rate. Mine with me and invite more to create a giant mining pool!!

6. CoinWebMining is a great way to get started in a mining pool with a website or even your desktop with a cpu or gpu. They offer several cryptocurrrencies with many pools for beginners or experts. The great thing about this site is the options that you can choose. It is a little difficult to figure out how to use it, but when you do the options are endless. Coinweb is still in it’s beta phase so give it a try and let me know what you think.