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Key Advantages of Brave over Other Browsers

Brave is a new and promising browser which was developed to change the way user privacy and digital advertising work. It is an open-source free browser that blocks ads and website trackers which promises private and secure browsing that is unlike any other browser you may be using now. In addition, Brave has some interesting approaches to an advertising system which can actually make it beneficial for you to surf on this browser to your preferred content. All these specialties are promised to encourage more quality content on the internet while insuring better customer experience. Here are some important groups of advantages of Brave over other browsers you should be aware of.

Brave offers beneficial ways of dealing with ads

What is special about Brave is the way it approaches the entire digital ad system. Nowadays browsers collect and analyze your data to share it with advertisers, and as a result, you have all the disturbing and sometimes irrelevant ads all over your desired content. Brave was made to change the entire approach by making it beneficial and convenient to deal with ads. In addition to the opportunity to actually choose the types of ads you wish to see on the browser, with Brave you can get paid for seeing the relevant ads that can be actually useful for you.
So this is how it works: Brave blocks all the ads by default while slowly replacing those with its own malware-and-tracking-free ads, which you can actually choose. So instead of passing your info to a third-party ad-network, the browser tracks you as a user itself in order to serve the relevant ads. In addition, Brave gives you the option to go for completely ad free version for which you need to pay a fee to the browser directly and hence retain your privacy. At the same time you will always have the opportunity to support your favorite content creator by donating any preferred amount at any time if you may wish.

Brave loads faster than other browsers

As Brave goes ahead and blocks all the extra ads for you, which may also happen to be irrelevant and undesirable, you get the chance to enjoy faster service than any other browser can offer. So here you have double benefit as you will not have to see irrelevant and disturbing ads and secondly your browser will be much cleaner in return will load much faster. Brave is confirmed to be up to 8 times faster than any other leading browser out there.

Brave saves you mobile data

Brave is available for desktop and mobile use supporting devices powered by both Android and iOS. Here again, due to the key specifics of blocking ads, the browser will save you a measurable amount of mobile data as you surf on your mobile device without the need to load irrelevant ads. As estimated by the company, you will save up to 0.5GB monthly, which is a measurable amount of 6GB for one year.

Brave insures best protection of your personal data

Privacy issues are currently number one concern in digital advertisement world, as large companies basically make money selling our data to the advertisers. And there is hardly any control here, so Brave was developed to make a change in how the web works. Due to the specific approach to ads by the browser, Brave eliminates the need of sharing your data with third parties, as the browser itself is responsible for showing you your preferred and relevant ads. So you can be more confident surfing on the secure browser as your history will be kept private. The data that is required for ad-matching never leaves your device as there is no passing it to any other party by your browser.

Cryptocurrencies behind Brave

Brave has its own cryptocurrency which is called Basic Attention Token or BAT. This is a specially developed digital currency that is used as the main payment method for the services of Brave. This means that both advertisers and users make and receive payments in BAT for placing and seeing the ads. At the same time BAT is only used to interact with the Brave platform while carrying no other rights for the holders. The available funds in BAT can easily be claimed to individual Bitcoin wallets so you can have access to your earnings at any time.

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